The vision for this blog / website, was birthed from one of my role models, Queen Esther. (Doesn’t really take a genius to work that one out. ? )

Esther was a genuine bad-ass hero in my eyes and a real example of a fearless woman of faith. Regardless of your religious stance, you cannot argue with this woman’s bravery and courage documented in History books; she put her life on the line for her people in the face of certain death. In my opinion, Esther was one of the bravest women in history.

But not only that… she was also beautiful and enjoyed all the different feminine elements of being a young woman from designer dresses to the best hair & skincare money could buy. We are even told she spent a year in a spa just to get ready for the chance of being chosen by the king at the time.
I loved hearing about this because it showed that there isn’t a trade off between enjoying being a young woman and all the frills that come with it, and having a relationship with Jesus Christ. (Obviously one’s a lot more important than the other.) – Look out for future blog posts around this subject.

If you’re unfamiliar with Esther’s story, here’s a really brief video (I promise, it’s only 2m43s) that explains who Esther was:


So why Future Esther? Honestly, because I am actively striving to embody the qualities, character and Godliness that Esther portrayed. She is someone that has always stuck out to me ever since I was a little girl. I think there’s an incredible amount to learn from her and I intend on exploring her story more and more.

I also want to dive into topics & subjects that are affecting the life of a woman in today’s world and document a little of my life including ups and downs, but also revelations and lightbulb moments.

I guess now you know a little about the inspiration for this blog and the vision that started it. I’ve been writing bits and bobs for many years now, and I finally felt this was the right time to start this project and commit to articulating my thoughts out in the open.

I pray this blog will challenge your thinking, stir your heart and bring encouragement to your soul.Signature Future Esther