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The New Year Come Down.

Have you suddenly hit a wall since new year and you’re really having to fight to keep going with the decisions you had to make going into 2018? Maybe you just feel like crap and everything seems like hard work?… Continue Reading →

17 Things 2017 Taught Me.

Dear stranger, I know it’s been 18months. And I promise I’ll explain why in another post but for now grab a glass of leftover champagne from New Years Eve even though it may be flat by now and take a… Continue Reading →

Update 4: My Brain’s complicated relationship with my Eyes.

Another update… and so soon. I know, I know, I’m spoiling you. I wanted to get this in before the Internet breaks from all the wanna-be political experts. So like said in the last post, I decided to go to… Continue Reading →

The SuperSize Me Update / Aug – Nov 2016

I know, I owe you a supersize me update. Every time I’ve gone to write something, everything changes again and there has been a couple of unforeseen complications. So I hope you’ve already got your food shopping in for the… Continue Reading →

“Five minutes inside Eternity and we will wish we had sacrificed more.”        – Leonard Ravenhill

Happy Birthday Dad!

My Dad. August 13th 1949 – November 14th 2013 This blog post is dedicated to my Dad. It’s his birthday today, and every year I want to always take the time to celebrate the life he had here on earth…. Continue Reading →

Update 2: Withdrawal.

oooooWeee. It’s been a minute since I last wrote an update on here… and it has been driving me craaaaazy because I really want to be consistent and the goal I set for myself was to get into a writing… Continue Reading →

Update 1: My Brain. Surgery. and a new Haircut.

So finally I get to write an update about what’s been going on while I’ve been in hospital and how things have been since I’ve come home. I know a lot of my friends and family have been eager for… Continue Reading →

EU or Me.

I can’t… I’m shocked at what I’ve been reading on my screen since last Friday, the day after the EU referendum. You expect politicians to play dirty with name calling, unfair labelling and stereotypes, running smear campaigns… but you certainly… Continue Reading →

Psalms 37:23-24

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